Our Vision

“More nature for more people across the Tees Valley.”

TVNP has four key themes to help achieve our vision of more nature for more people across the Tees Valley. Each of these themes is split into an aim and two main objectives. They are as follows:


We aim to support policies and projects that ensure the protection and enhancement of the natural environment in the Tees Valley.

Continue to work to protect and enhance the geodiversity and biodiversity of the Tees Valley by ensuring the conservation, restoration, and creation of key landscapes and habitats including mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

Work at a landscape scale to restore and deliver robust ecological networks that demonstrate a wide range of environmental, social, and economic outcomes.


We aim to embed a natural capital approach across the Tees Valley, allowing nature and economy to work together.

Influence local decision-making and contribute to the preparation, review, and implementation of relevant plans and strategies.

Raise the profile of the Tees Valley as an attractive place to live, work, or visit by championing the value and contribution of its natural environment through strong leadership, advice, and support.

Seek positive outcomes for nature and the local economy by working closely with the economic sector, providing objective knowledge, expertise, and advice.


Reconnect people and nature by helping more Tees Valley residents realise the health benefits of engaging with the natural environment.

Engage with local communities to ensure that their views are reflected in the activities and priorities of the partnership and that they understand what is offered by the natural environment on their doorstep.

Make positive contributions towards the health and well-being of local people by demonstrating the benefits and opportunities that can be provided by access to the natural environment.

The role of the natural environment in maintaining healthy lives – headline facts and evidence base


We aim to maintain a strong, functioning local nature partnership for the Tees Valley.

It is important that TVNP has a clear plan for communicating activity, ideas, and performance. This will serve to engage more partners and ensure that good work is articulated to all associated, including potential funders.

It is important when planning ahead to consider TVNP’s ability to deliver its future commitments. The success of TVNP is entirely reliant upon the commitment of its partners. If the ambition is to do more – and it is – then we need to ensure ownership and accountability.