TVNP Green Guides

Become a TVNP Green guide

Join the TVNP Green Guides to help support other groups in Tees Valley by sharing knowledge and skills.
We have been working with Tees Valley Wildlife Trust to look at how to support groups as they try to get back on track from the COVID crisis. Through this, we have realised that groups could benefit from the support of other groups through the green guides.
Gren guides will help build relationships between groups and across areas of Tees Valley. Each guide adds their voice and experience along with the experience of their group.

Who are the green guides?

Green guides are volunteers for groups in Tees Valley who have gained skills and/or knowledge through their volunteer work. The skills and/or experience that you have could be useful in helping groups with the problems that they are having. This could be practical knowledge, assistance with fundraising and grant applications, help with organising work parties, advice on banking or insurance, advice on planting, etc.
This work builds on Tees Valley Wildlife Trust’s Wilder Community Green Spaces Toolbox for groups and volunteers and will be using this as a basis for work.

What are we asking of you?

We understand that as you already volunteer your time and that you need to be careful about additional time commitments. We will never put a group in touch with you without confirming with you first. It’s up to you how you contact them, informal chat, site visit
When a group contacts us looking for support, we will send the request to the TVNP Green Guide team to see who is interested and/or available to give assistance and support.
When an Green guide offers their skills and experience, we will put them in touch with the group in question and assist and support their work with the group moving forward. We will also be able to pay any expenses incurred from your work as a guide, such as travel, or materials expenses.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested but want more information you can read more about the green guides in the documents below or you can email Louise at [email protected] for more information. If you are interested in becoming a TVNP green guide please fill out the short expression of interest form below and email it to email Louise at [email protected] .