UK Biodiversity Indicators

5th September 2019 in News


This is an update to the report on UK progress towards meeting the biodiversity goals and targets ‘the Aichi targets’ agreed in 2010. This is an update to the report on UK progress towards meeting the biodiversity goals and targets ‘the Aichi targets’ agreed in 2010.

ENV09 – England biodiversity indicators. A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services, biodiversity 2020 indicators: 2019 assessment. This data set provides a detailed statistical update of 24 indicators that give an overview of biodiversity in England.



Future farming: changes to farming in England

21st August 2019 in News

The government have produced information in a handy leaflet about changes that will happen to farming when we leave the EU. This includes phasing out direct payments and design of future schemes.

Biodiversity net gain up-date

23rd July 2019 in News

Consultation outcome

The government were seeking views on how they could improve the planning system in England to protect the environment (biodiversity net gain) and build places to live and work. They have now published the summary of responses and government response. The national LNP network, including TVNP submitted a joint response to this consultation.

At Spring Statement this year, government announced it would mandate net gains for biodiversity in the Environment Bill. The government response sets out how it will work to bring this into force. Read the updated policy statement on the progress of the Environment Bill.

To understand what biodiversity net gain is and the implications for nature you can view two presentations from this years TVNP conference:

Biodiversity Net Gain in Planning – Martin O’Hanlon, Senior Advisor – Net Gain, Natural England

A new countryside : Restoring biodiversity in the UK by creating the Restoration Economy – Prof David Hill CBE, Chair Environment Bank

Teesside Terns Need Help!

23rd July 2019 in News

Request for volunteers to help warden Little terns

Little tern (summer plumage)This year the Little tern colony has relocated from Crimdon Dene to Seaton Carew and the ‘Little Tern Partnership’ is looking for volunteers to help with the wardening effort.

Please consider offering to help safeguard this ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Tees Valley’s coastline.

Breeding activity may continue into August and will extend into the school holidays when Seaton Carew will become especially busy with day-trippers and holidaymakers.  Currently the large site is cordoned off and notices have been put out, but with so many people about, a greater conservation presence is needed on a daily basis.  Mandy Bell from Durham Wildlife Trust is coordinating the warden coverage, with support from the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Hartlepool Borough Council, Durham Heritage Coast and INCA.  Unfortunately, Seaton Carew car parking charges still apply for volunteers, but funding is being sought to cover this.  Cars can be left for free in the North Gare car park, but that involves a 1 mile walk each way.

Little tern is a Schedule 1 legally-protected species, with fines for deliberate disturbance.  Hartlepool Borough Council is liaising with the police who have already responded to one potential offence.  Birders and photographers should observe from a safe distance.  For further information contact Mandy Bell – 07713 461520. Email: [email protected]

Image taken from RSPB website

UK Govt. New Green Finance Strategy

2nd July 2019 in News

HM Government published the UK’s first Green Finance Strategy today. This document sets out steps to ensure that the financial services sector throughout the UK plays a positive role in ensuring the natural environment is protected and restored, alongside the ongoing challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Strategy says:

Through the publication of our Green Finance Strategy we are clear in our ambition to align private sector financial flows with clean, resilient and environmentally sustainable growth and strengthen the competitiveness of the UK financial services sector.

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network of which TVNP are members comments ‘the Strategy will provided added impetus to the work of many members of the Natural Capital Investment Forum and the Natural Capital Investment Conference to catalyse investment in natural features based on their economic value to business and wider society. It specifies a set of actions that HM Government is taking to support green finance, including that geared at protecting and restoring the natural environment.


6th June 2019 in News

We are excited to announce the National Lottery Community Fund has awarded us £280,758 with a match from the five Tees Valley Local Authorities of £47,621. The funding over three years supports the delivery of our business plan and ensures a people-led approach to achieving our aims through –  raising the profile of the nature partnership; building the capacity of local people; building the capacity of the partnership.
We officially launch this new phase of the partnership at the Festival of Thrift on the 14th/15th September. Before then…


25 Year Environment Plan Progress

17th May 2019 in News

Today the government published the first the 25 Year Environment Plan progress report.

The report records progress against the ten goals of the plan and finds that 90% of priority actions have been delivered or are on track for timely delivery.

Key successes include:

  • Preparing the first Environment Bill in over 20 years which will place the 25 Year Environment Plan on statutory footing and put environmental ambition and accountability at the heart of government.
  • Consulting on plans for biodiversity net gain to ensure new houses meet the needs of people and also contribute to ecological recovery.
  • Cracking down on plastic waste by introducing one of the world’s strongest microbeads bans, setting out plans to ban plastic straws and more.
  • Laying our landmark Agriculture Bill before Parliament.
  • Combatting illegal wildlife trade through introducing our landmark Ivory Act.
  • Safeguarding our forests and woodlands by starting the creation of a Northern Forest and appointing a Tree Champion.
  • Protecting habitats by launching a review to enhance England’s National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • Protecting our marine environment by launching our flagship Fisheries Bill.

The report outlines new commitments to strengthen the plan going forward, including plans to undertake an environmental citizen science project.

We also published a new indicator framework for the 25 Year Environment Plan, becoming the first country to establish a comprehensive indicator list from which to monitor environmental progress. Our aim in publishing the framework is to draw together a comprehensive suite of measures for the state of our natural world, drawing on established data sets and identifying where new information is required and how we might best obtain it.

The report’s publication comes during the Year of Green Action, a year-long drive to get more people from all backgrounds involved in projects to improve the natural world – and a key deliverable of the 25 YEP.


UK Natural Capital Committee – latest advice

14th May 2019 in News


Natural Capital Committee advice on soil management

Natural Capital Committee (NCC) advice and recommendations on soil management.

9:54am, 14 May 2019: First published.

Natural Capital Committee advice on marine management

Natural Capital Committee (NCC) advice and recommendations on marine management.

9:54am, 14 May 2019: First published.

Natural Capital Committee advice to government on net environmental gain

Natural Capital Committee (NCC) advice and recommendations on net environmental gain.

9:55am, 14 May 2019: First published.

New Protection for Tees Estuary Wildlife

7th May 2019 in News

Stream of water cutting through grassNatural England confirmed today that a new SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) has been declared for Teesmouth and the Cleveland Coast.

The Tees Estuary is a unique environment where industrial facilities share the landscape with a wide range of coastal habitats which teem with wildlife. There were previously seven SSSI’s protecting parts of the Tees Estuary, which have now been merged and expanded into a single, landscape-scale SSSI, totalling nearly 3000 hectares (or 12 square miles). The newly enlarged SSSI will provide clarity for developers and other stakeholders regarding the environmental assets of the site.

You can read the full article at:

Biodiversity Net Gain: Updating Planning Requirements

26th April 2019 in News

The UK government was ‘seeking views on how we can improve the planning system in England to protect the environment (biodiversity net gain) and build places to live and work’…we received 670 responses to this consultation. We are finalising our analysis and expect to publish a government response to the consultation alongside the Environment Bill later this year.

*TVNP will keep you posted of development as they arise…