Community Grants: Spring 2023

Happy New Year to all in Tees Valley and beyond! 2023 will hopefully bring plenty of nature based opportunities and pathways than ever before. It is then with delight that here at TVNP we have a fantastic opportunity that will improve all of Tees Valley.

This opportunity is, of course, our Spring 2023 Community Grant Scheme. This is a program which aims to see a minimum of 5 grants be given with funds of up to £2000 to community organisations across our region that actively promote outdoor engagement and enrichment. This money can be used for a range of needs, such as those relating to equipment, surveying, restoration and so much more.

This scheme has consistently funded community based work that enables community benefit for the last three years and 2023 will be a hopefully be, not just a continuation, but an improvement on the groundwork laid out then.

Applications are desired from all who meet our eligibility requirements (available here). However, we want to extend a special invitation to those who have never benefitted from a TVNP grant in the past and those who perhaps have never been involved with the partnership before. Engaging with these such organisations can only seek to improve our partnership and the area as a whole.

Sound good? Submit an application by email to [email protected] using the downloadable application form before the 4th of March and applicants will be notified of a final decision on the 18th.

We can’t wait to hear from you!