TVNP Planners Workshop

TVNP hosted a workshop on the 14th of September 2021 for Planning Managers and Officers in Tees Valley on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)and Local Nature Recovery Strategies (LNRS’). the workshop was recorded and you can find both quotes and footage from the workshop below including talks from:

  • Rebecca Moberly – Principal Consultant at the Planning Advisory Service
  • Timothy Crawshaw – Chair of Tees Valley Nature Partnership and Vice President of the RTPI
  • Rachel Murtagh – Nature Partnership Manager of the Tees Valley Nature Partnership
  • Geraldine Brown – Head of Strategy and Policy at Tees Valley Combined Authority
  • Andrew Whitehead, Net Gain Senior Advisor, Natural England
  • A workshop chaired by Eddie Halstead, Tees Programme Manager with the Environment Agency.

Talk from Rebecca Moberly

Some of Rebecca’s talk was cut off you can find the full set of slides on the Planning Advisory Service website.

You can read some frequently asked questions about Biodiversity Net Gain here.

Great discussion and take away points to move things forward across Tees Valley” Geraldine Brown, Head of Policy and Strategy, Tees Valley Combined Authority

Talk from Timothy Crawshaw

“Fantastic advice, well focused discussion, very useful thank you” Clare Ross, Clean Growth Programmes Lead, Tees Valley Combined Authority 

Talk from Rachel Murtagh and Geraldine Brown

“Thank you for the event, it was very informative and useful to understand the perspectives of a wide group of organisations and disciplines.” David Bage Planning Officer, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council 

Talk from Andrew Whitehead

“Very useful workshop covering the burning questions, thanks very much” Andy Glossop, Planning Officer, Middlesbrough Borough Council

Q&A Session Chaired by Eddie Halstead

“Very useful thanks to organisers” Jim Ferguson, Head of Planning, Hartlepool Borough Council