Your Tees Catchment Partnership Inaugural Forum

A half-day conference took place in Darlington on Tuesday 18th March to launch the Your Tees Catchment Partnership. Organised by the Tees Rivers Trust and Groundwork North East, the event was attended by a range of organisations who took part in discussions to help shape the Catchment Based Approach to river management in the Tees Catchment.

The Partnership aims to implement the Catchment Based Approach to managing water throughout the Tees. The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) policy framework was adopted by Defra on 3rd June 2013 to improve the water environment through catchment-level engagement, planning and delivery. The aim is to balance environmental, economic and social demands and align funding and actions within river catchments to bring about long-term improvements. Funding of £9k was made available to 108 catchments in England and The Tees Trust along with Groundwork North East successfully bid to co-host the lead for the Tees Catchment.

The Your Tees Catchment Partnership aims to provide a catchment-focussed hub for sharing best practice; identifying complementary activities that may share resources and avoid duplication of effort (eg between the 3 Local Nature Partnerships, Local Authorities etc); act as a dissemination point for catchment matters and identify and act on opportunities for partnership funding bids.

For more information contact:

Anne- Louise Orange, Groundwork North East [email protected]

Ben Lamb, River Tees Trust [email protected]

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