Saltholme – celebrating five years of success

Since opening Saltholme has won a number of awards that celebrate its distinctive nature. Three that stand out are our top rating on Trip Adviser, the Gold in the 2010 Northeast tourism awards and winning the 2012 National Lottery Awards education category. Other highlights include;

  • Over 400,000 visitors have come to Saltholme surpassing our predictions for the first five years
  • More than 13,500 schoolchildren have been enthralled by their lessons in the ways of the natural world.
  • New habitats and improved existing ones, which have resulted in the fledging of over 1000 common tern chicks over the five breeding seasons; the return of otters, water voles, water shrews and harvest mice; the increase in numbers of wintering birds for which the site is internationally important including 2500 wigeon and 1000 curlew.

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