Role of the Tees Valley Nature Partnership

2019-2022 Business Plan is on its way…

Our vision

The vision of the Partnership: A rich and healthy natural environment in the Tees Valley that sustains a vibrant place for people to live, work and learn.

The Partnership works to coordinate and strengthen local action to secure a functioning, sustainable and resilient bio-diverse natural environment to improve the health, well-being and livelihoods of people in the Tees Valley.

Our aims and aspirations

We aim to be a strategic platform to champion the value, and secure the future, of a healthy functioning natural environment through cross-sector working to enable outcomes for nature, people and the local economy.

The key aspirations of the partnership are;

  • To be a strong unified voice to champion the local natural environment
  • To influence local plans, strategies and decision making for multiple benefits
  • To provide a strategic framework for local environmental delivery.

As well as identifying strategic priorities for the natural environment, the TVNP will coordinate activity, reduce duplication and find new ways to bring new investment to improve the quality of the natural environment and deliver social and economic benefits.

Our priorities

Following stakeholder consultation during the first half of 2012 a number of key priorities were identified for the Partnership:

  • Continue to work to protect and enhance the geodiversity and biodiversity of the Tees Valley ensuring the conservation, restoration and creation of key landscapes and habitats
  • Work at a landscape scale to restore and deliver robust ecological networks that demonstrate a wide range of environmental, social and economic  outcomes, including mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change


  • Contribute to the preparation, review and implementation of local plans and strategies, and influence local decision making
  • Raise the profile of the Tees Valley as an attractive place to live, work or visit by championing the value and contribution of the natural environment through strong leadership, advice and support
  • Seek positive outcomes for both nature and the local economy by working closely with the economic sector by providing objective knowledge, expertise and advice


  • Engage with local communities to ensure that their views are reflected in the activities and priorities of the Partnership, and that they understand the opportunities offered by the natural environment on their doorstep
  • Make positive contributions towards the health and well-being of local people by demonstrating the opportunities that better access to and use of the natural environment can provide