TVNP update 21 May 2012

The deadline for applications to Defra to become a recognised LNP is rapidly approaching (6 June). The Tees Valley Nature Partnership Development Group have been very active in bringing together all of the input that we have received from our consultation discussions and workshops with stakeholder. We are developing this into a framework to ensure that we have a strong and effective LNP in the Tees Valley that is able to take a strategic overview of the local natural environment.

Although the application deadline is very soon Defra recognises LNPs are a new way of working for everyone and they understand that relationship building takes time and energy to make happen. They therefore do not expect partnerships to be fully developed at the time of application.

Here in the Tees Valley there is strong support for our developing TVNP, with a wide range of organisations taking an active role in shaping a partnership that will ensure that it will have deep roots, that will result in some strong branches and lots of leaves! In our application we will be setting out what we have achieved so far, and the current commitments and strengths of the partnership and on how we plan to develop further and how will deliver our aspirations.

There is still plenty of opportunity for stakeholders and partners to shape the way the TVNP develops. For example we now have a draft terms of reference, which sets out the key aims of the TVNP and its governance structure. In this, the delivery groups section has been kept very open, to allow the emerging partnership scope for development and enable it to respond to local needs and change. We are also very much looking forward to the results of a scoping report that our five local authorities have commissioned Sara Scarr of Hartlepool Council, to carry out. This is investigating the opportunities for the Tees Valley Local Nature Partnership and the Local Authorities and TVU/LEP to work together.

We are currently planning a full stakeholder conference in the summer when we have received feedback from our application to Defra. In the meantime although I am now tied to my desk working on the application (although I have been taking what I am labelling as short “thinking walks” around the Wildlife Trust’s nature garden) for the next week or so please do not hesitate to ring or email me if you have any TVNP queries or simply want to chat though any input that you have.

working copy draft TVNP terms of reference 21 May 2012.doc 61 KB