Update 1st March 2012

Here is the first communication update from Sue Antrobus.

A Tees Valley Nature Partnership development group has been set up to guide us through the process of becoming a Local Nature Partnership. At the moment this is composed of Jeremy Garside (Tees Wildlife Trust), Malcolm Steele (Tees Valley Unlimited), Bob Pailor (INCA), David Tarttelin (Environment Agency), Graham Clingan (Stockton Borough Council) and Anne Gladwin (Middlesbrough Council).

We are currently preparing short communications about what our partnership could do for other sectors such as the local economy and regeneration, health and wellbeing.

Jeremy and I are giving presentation to a meeting with senior officers of local authorities in the Tees Valley on the Tees Valley Nature Partnership on the 28th March and we look forward to the discussion that follows.

As well as working to engage new partners in our partnership it is vital that we retain the valuable work that is currently being carried out by the Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership, the Tees Valley Environment Forum and other local environmental partnerships. We are hosting a workshop for our existing stakeholders on 27 March 2012 to discuss.

What sort of Local Nature Partnership do we want?

How do we build on the Tees Valley TVBP and other local partnrerships?

What role will your organisation play?

How will we engage with new partners and sectors?

How will we make the natural environment relevant to other sectors?

How will we develop a shared vision and priorities?

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