Tees Valley Biodiversity

The Tees Valley Biodiversity Action Plan was a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is based on locally determining priority habitats and species for the Tees Valley. This list was reviewed in 2011 and can be downloaded here.

A  list of bird species of conservation concern and local significance in the Tees Valley was produced by the Teesmouth Bird Club with input from the Tees Valleyv Wildlife Trust and RSPB was published in 2012 and can be downloaded here Bird species of conservation concern in the Tees Valley 2012

Reflecting national policy the Tees Valley Biodiversity (TVBP) has been disbanded and replaced by the Tees Valley Nature Partnership that has a wider remit, reflecting a landscape scale/ecosystem services approach. The TVBP carried out an immense amount of research, surveying and actions to conserve and enhance biodiversity across the Tees Valley through Habitat Action Plans and Species Action Plans. The TVBP site has been archived. For further information on the Tees Valley Biodiversity Action Plan contact us.