Tees Valley Biodiversity

Latest update: UK Biodiversity Indicators 2017

The Tees Valley Biodiversity Partnership (TVBP) was set up to produce and maintain the Tees Valley ‘Local Biodiversity Action Plan’ (BAP) based on locally determined priority habitats and species for the Tees Valley. This list is currently under review and is due to be published here in April 2018.

A  list of Birds of Conservation Concern in the Tees Valley. March 2018 has been produced by the Teesmouth Bird Club with input from the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, British Trust for Ornithology and the RSPB.

Reflecting national policy the TVBP was disbanded and replaced by the Tees Valley Nature Partnership that has a wider remit, reflecting a landscape scale/ecosystem services approach. The TVBP partners carried out an immense amount of research, surveying and actions to conserve and enhance biodiversity across the Tees Valley through Habitat Action Plans and Species Action Plans. The Tees Valley Nature Partnership builds on this legacy and is grateful to the tremendous commitment and effort put in by the organisations and individuals concerned.

National Biodiversity Gateway. Use it to explore UK biodiversity data, as contributed by participating data providers

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How England is implementing international (and EU) commitments Biodiversity 2020: A strategy for England’s wildlife and ecosystem services